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Riverview History:

Riverview Bible Camp was formerly the town of Jared, Washington. In 1959 this little town that once included a tavern, tiny restaurant, dance hall, abandoned farm house and nine-run down cabins was transformed to a camp. The property is located on 74 acres backed up to the Colville National Forest with 1300 feet of water front. The vision for the camp was quickly established to be a community camp:

“Use of the grounds won’t be restricted to our church alone, but will be open to all in the greater Spokane area who desire to make use of such an enriching, experience.”-Rev. Wilbur J. Antisdale, Spokane Daily Chronicle, July 23, 1960

Fifty plus years later it is still the vision of Riverview Bible Camp to open our doors and this beautiful creation to the community of Spokane and beyond!